Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I'm sure I must have seen thirty sided dice advertised in Dragon; my high school DM had a whole shelf of the magazine and I read them religiously, even borrowing some to read at home.

I even managed to pick up a d34 somewhere, but I never physically saw a d30 until this week.

I'd completely forgotten about them until I read a post on Dungeon and Digressions that gave a 1-30 chart and mentioned the Order of the d30. I knew vaguely that The Armory was one of the only companies besides Gamescience that made precision dice and that they'd gone out of business (or at least stopped making dice).

Anyway, surprise, surprise, you can still get precision d30s. I just bought 2 on Amazon. I'm happy with the quality.

Now the question is, how do I use them. What I mean is, I can make charts for myself all day long but I really enjoy sharing with others. But I don't know how common d30s are among people out in the world. Should I incorporate a d30 in Grim's Roll All the Dice method, for example? Should I start making d30 charts?

Do you have a d30? Would you use a chart that required one?


  1. Yes I have one and yes I do use charts that require one. I also use the d30 rule that says each player can substitute a d30 roll for any other roll once per game (except for character generation).

    Mind you, I also invented the Order of the d10000 and whilst I have the dice, can't think of a use for them. Yet.

  2. Make ability checks on D30's instead of D20's should you use such a mechanic.

    I've got a pair of d30's laying about that don't' see use all that often a few new charts wouldn't hurt.

  3. Thanks to you both!

    @ Daddy Grognard: the d10000 is obviously for my treasure item chart that is forever a distant dream.

    @ JDJarvis: I hadn't even thought of ability checks, hmm . . . yes.

  4. Yep, more d30 charts would be awesome. I need to buy one yet, buy I'm in the market. Anyone know where I can get a d30 and a set of Gamescience dice from the same place online?

  5. Looks like you can get them both here:

    Amazon offers 3 other colors of d30 and uninked if that matters to you.

  6. Do you have a d30?
    Would you use a chart that required one?

    Yes, several.
    I'm also with Daddy Grognard on the "sub in a d30 once a session" houserule.

  7. I have a chart of NPCs that might be found in the Saloon. It uses a d30. :)

  8. Awesome folks, thanks for the comments. I'm thinking about that sub in the d30 once a session thingy.

  9. Also, if people don't have a d30, they can still use your d30 charts by rolling a d6 and a d10.

  10. You've mentioned before that you prefer precision dice. Is there any particular reason why? (As a dice collector and fan, I'm always curious about other people's dice habits.)

    Also, have you ever used that d34 for anything?