Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Abiørn's Satchel

This weathered leather satchel is tooled in nautical designs and is full of rose-colored salt.  Rubbing the salt on a sea creature will dry it out and shrink it to a tiny size without harming it (an hour of drying for each ton).  When placed in water again the creature will revitalize and grow back to original size.  It is said this was how the narwhals came to the Grand Lama's forbidden lake.

Monday, October 11, 2021

Jeong-Suk's Iron Nail

Drive this rusted iron spike through your flesh and into a living tree and no being can possess you, bewitch you, or even touch you unwanted.  It is said that this was a requirement for the greatest necromantic rituals of the 2nd Dynasty.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Because You Saw a Ghost

 1. All you can smell is burning.

2. The DM rolls twice as many encounters but half of them aren't real; only you thought something was approaching.

3. Every person has white hair and black eyes for you now.

4. Each creature you kill becomes a voice in chorus that questions your actions.

5. Perhaps they died bound or hung, but you no longer see rope.

6. You only heal if you carry something dead with you.

7. You can see lies.

8. You faint if left alone.

9. Gold smells like rotting flesh.

10. Everything is offkilter; only odd numbers work for you (to hit, it must be an odd number, to do damage it must be an odd number, to win initiative it must be an odd number, etc.).

11. Metal passes through you.

12. Animals are terrified of you.

13. Your clothes and gear seep blood constantly.

14. Every person that looks at you mistakes you for their most recently dead relative.

15. Food is as heavy as lead for you.

16. You can no longer see creatures that have drawn your blood.

17. When you speak, it comes out in an ancient, dead language.

18. No fire you make stays lit.

19. You no longer remember names.

20. Dead things regain life for as long as you touch them.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Telecanter's Garden of Sources

Take a handful of these nibs cut from used quills, say a phrase, and cast them on the ground like seeds and they will quickly grow into plants that flower and fruit.  The fruit resembles maize and when husked,  reveals a scroll with a passage from an ancient source about the phrase invoked, whether it be "siege engines" or "Imperial footwear" or "the poisons of peasants."

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Illuminated Panthers

These reclusive, swamp-dwelling cats are tawny with deep black rosettes.  On closer inspection, the rosettes are actually cities and landmarks that make up a map to a hidden city.  Which city the map leads to differs for each panther.  Some say the pelt of one of these cats is the only way to find the City of Happy Orphans or the Hermitage of the 10,000 scribes.