Monday, October 11, 2021

Jeong-Suk's Iron Nail

Drive this rusted iron spike through your flesh and into a living tree and no being can possess you, bewitch you, or even touch you unwanted.  It is said that this was a requirement for the greatest necromantic rituals of the 2nd Dynasty.


  1. Evokes unintentionally amusing image of some necromancer nailed a bonsai tree to himself. I mean, it would give you more freedom of movement that way... :)

  2. Hey, that could be a cool anime . . . person on the run from demon assassins, has bonsai nailed too back, said tree is slowly dying, said person is slowly getting blood poisoning from the rusty spike holing it in place.

  3. Heh. "Legend of the Lockjawed Samurai: He survived everything Hell could throw at him, but the tetanus got him in the end."