Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Faces for the Faceless

This little devil has been around for yeeeeears. I remember playing around with it at least 5 years ago. But you may not have stumbled across Ultimate Flash Face so I thought I'd share it with you.

I like the consistency it can give a range of sort of realistic faces, as if a single artist better than myself had drawn them all. But I get to make the choices! I like it now for the possibility of NPC and Hireling Faces. It's not unlimited, but has a pretty good range of options. You can't save the face you make directly, but I just take a screenshot and then cut the face out in Gimp.

Here are a few of my greatest hits:
Could be a monk, cleric, or slightly tired fighter.

Linkboy? Ghoul-doomed?
Mild-mannered accountant? Porter?

Ahh, yes, I couldn't leave you without an unsavoury type. This is Breeyark Damp-pants, and you'll be parleying free passage in exchange for that linkboy up there.

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