Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Deadly Distraction - Torporous Worms

These worms are actually a kind of caterpillar that dwells in the small cracks and crevices of underground passages. They are covered in fine bristles which numb flesh even through clothing. On seeing a motionless creature, torporous worms will beginning crawling towards it, slowly, by the hundreds. Once this silent tide of grey worms is moving it can seem as if the very stone of a floor is undulating.

A creature covered in torporous worms will drowse, undisturbed, while the hungry caterpillars begin feeding. Stories tell of adventuring parties foolish enough to bivouac underground, waking to the wet sound of flesh being stripped from their comrades' bones.

The worms themselves are defenseless if not handled, and on any movement or commotion around their prey, will begin retreating.

Torporous Worms
Armor Class: 9 [10]
Hit Dice: 1hp each
Attacks: 1hp per turn
Saving Throw:18
Special: Touch causes numbness & drowsiness
Move: 3
Challenge Level/XP: A/5

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