Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Art

I wanted to humbly offer this pic to the venomous pao to represent The Clockwork Bird Of Muzza’im. It isn't my art, but I did scavenge it from the wreckage of history.

Here are a few other pics for folks:
ps: If you're the type of person that really gets a thrill from finding cool new art on your own (like me) let me know and I'll lay off the archaeological illustration hunts. If you just want some kickass illustrations but looking for them is a chore let me know-- I'll do my best to surprise you with what I dig up.


  1. Yeah same here, I'll probably be able to use that mace with the cleric silhouette as another mini. Got any demihumans? :D

  2. What's the source/artist for the skeleton/book picture?

  3. Hi anarchist. That's an awesome pic, isn't it? I resisted my usual minimalist tendencies and didn't crop it because I believe the caption gives the artist and original source.

    Where I found it though, was in one of the treasure troves of the modern illustration seeker, a book on illustration. In this case: Joseph Pennell's Moder Illustration from 1895.