Sunday, February 27, 2011

World Map III

I flipped the land/sea in the Mediterranean map to make an under world on the bottom of my regular flat world. I had to copy and paste in mountain ranges so they don't look quite natural to me but oh well, here it is:
Also, in the comments richardthinks linked to this nice map as his choice of Sea of Os'r campaign. I stripped all the names in case someone might want to customise it for themselves:
These are both public domain use them how you like.


  1. That land-water inversion is such a simple trick but yields such interesting results. I also like the reuse of the existing mountains, as ic the gods had a limited palette to work with.

    Now I'm curious about a lake-hopping campaign, maybe with merman adventurers.

  2. An interesting consequence of the inverted world, is that if someone sails over the edge, their ship will end up running aground on the world's edge of the other side.

  3. Awesome ideas!

    A party of merpeople hopping from lake to lake through dangerous dry territories exploring the lost cities of their ancient kind.

    A sea journey tips over the edge of the world . . . to beach on the rocky ranges at the edge of another world. The mountain ranges are littered with the wrecks of past voyagers: Arks, great rafts, outrigger canoes.