Sunday, February 6, 2011


If you don't know about you should go poke around the site.  I remember this being an early reason to be interested in the web for me.  I really like the way they've organized the various symbols by their symmetries.  Anyway, I was tinkering around with a possible world map and as per barrataria's suggestion went looking for some vague symbols I can put on it to be fleshed out/ interpreted later.

I just flipped quickly through all the symbols and pulled some that were visually appealing to me.  I may look closer at the meanings later as possible spurs to their interpretation.

Some I'll just use once.  A few I think should appear multiple times.  Also, I'll try to do them in different colors as if they were added to the map at different times by different hands.  If you were looking at a map, which of the above would you want to go check out?


  1. What jumps out at me is that the the circular and half-circle shapes look like they represent organic/geographical features, while the more complex ones and the ones with angles look like they might represent constructed/artificial things.

    Thanks for the tip-off about, btw.

  2. Very interesting and useful link, thanks!

  3. Cool. Yeah, the more organic shapes do seem more like geographic features. I think several of them have their forms influenced by the fact that they were carved in stone. In fact, the one that sorta looks like a sephirot is supposedly carved in stone near where I live. I need to make it something important.