Friday, February 25, 2011

Player Attendance

Here is a quick draft of who has attended our sessions since summer.  I may add pre-summer later.

Fighters are red.  Divine-petitioners are green.  Magic-users are blue.  Four female players, all of them came in a couple with one of the male players. Six of these folks I work with or have worked with.

I may have 9 or 10 players tonight.  I'm a little worried about keeping them all occupied and interested at this point.  Also, we are outgrowing our apartment venue.

Update: So this is after Friday's session.  I only had 7 players, but one was a complete newbie!  I can never predict.  My hosts said they may invite another couple from work, so this may be a trial by fire for me of how to entertain large parties of mixed experience/familiarity with each other people.

A few additional thoughts I had:

1) In more than 13 sessions I've only had the exact same contingent of players show up once. That makes me think even if it were absolutely fun, and the preference of DM and all players involved, a campaign that required all players to be present each session would be almost impossible to achieve.  Of course I'm assuming adventure paths and plot heavy games might require this, but it seems it would be difficult to hand wave why the party changes so often.  Its of odd for us and we have the advantage of time-traveling-city-battling-chaos and no real end goal.

2) My balance of magic-user/fighter seems about right.  The divine practitioners are under-represented.  But they are a little more abstract in my game (you can be a shaman, witch doctor, priest, ancestor worshipper, etc.) and there is no pantheon yet (you have to roll your own).  So there might be a kind of creative player tax on DPs.  I'm hoping as players get more experienced they may try the class more.  Also I will try to flesh out some orders and gods as we go along.


  1. Nine or ten may be okay if you're talking about experienced players. Nine or ten newbs is a nightmare! My ideal number tends to be 4 or 5 players tops.

  2. Are there any libraries nearby with tables? I'm not sure how you'd stop the dice from clicking, but you might ask Trollsmyth, as there are apparently a lot of people who play in libraries near him.

    Capcha: Bases. Seems appropriate, since we're discussing where you play.

  3. When I first saw the picture I thought it was a screen shot of a old atari game.

  4. @pladin: Thanks, me too.

    @Greg: I agree, but it seems I need 2x players to make sure 1x are available on any one Friday.

    @C'nor: A library would never work for our loud laughing and my improvisational songs. I thought about using space at my work but adult beverages would make that a bad proposition.

    @Tim: ha, it does! Probably because no two nights had the same players.