Monday, October 11, 2010

More Revised Handouts

I revised the weapon chart that you saw before giving it to my players.  I added missile weapons.  I couldn't find a decent javelin picture in time, but I like the variety of bo-shuriken for darts.  I also converted to digest size:

If you look closely you can see the captions on the right are smaller than the left.  That's because I shrank the whole first image and then added the missile weapons to scale.  The way OpenOffice, excuse me, I guess it's LibreOffice now, handles picture captions is clunky and hard to work with.  I'm constantly bumping into the limits of these tools.

After noticing the needs that came up last session, I also completely revised my character sheets and made some Hireling record sheets too. Here is the character sheet:

And the hireling record sheet:


  1. Great looking stuff, nice and simple. They should be index card sized! ¡Vive LibreOffice!

  2. Thanks, sir. Do you mean 5x7? All my card infrastructure is for the little guys :)

  3. Very nice!
    This is a dumb question but does the "+1" for certain weapons mean they get a +1 to hit?

  4. Mike,thanks. Those are damage modifiers as per Swords & Wizardry core. If I put it in parenthesis, that is the damage for two-handed use.

    Whoops, looking it up looks like I extrapolated the flail stats: not in S&W.