Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hippo Thieves

I'm trawling through the public domain looking for a good book of animal tracks, came across this and felt I had to share.  When you match the picture up with the title of the book, it's like something out of Encounter Critical:

from Out of doors; a selection of original articles on practical natural history (1882).  I suppose to the right person, that might be practical.


  1. Just today my students and I were wondering of some dinosaurs were graceful water travelers but awkward on land like hippos.

  2. There you go, kick it up a notch: dinosaur thieves!

  3. Thanks for this. The aristocrat in the top hat is clearly directing the operation. The guys in the kepis are probably zoo attendants, yes?

    The book is actually a pretty interesting read. On pages 8-9, Reverend Wood talks about plans to introduce wild antelopes, bison, and kangaroos into the English countryside... to be hunted for food!

  4. I think that's so cool you went and checked out the book, Paul. I just breezed through looking for pics. Kangaroos in England sounds wacky.