Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fairy Monsters IV

I feel like my creative tank is dry, posting something I consider worthy of your interest every day is difficult.  But, must continue making . . .

These fae are a little off even for fae.  Each suffers from the delusion that it is an everyday object, say a chest or a torch.  And will try to contort their little bipedal forms into some semblance of that object.  They can be engaged in a rousing conversation of whsy it's like to be, say a chamber pot, or bag of coins.

Vermillion Slime
Found pooled around ancient trees in sleepy swamps, touching this slime will cause it to begin taking on the form of the toucher, until a perfect copy lies, as if asleep, at their feet.

Dancing Hole
A hole that is always a few feet to the left of where you thought it was.  Terrible if you drop a wand or ring in one.  Watch your step.


  1. Honestly, if you do feel that way, take a break - you do not want to start forcing it and jump the shark. heck, if it's just the creativity which is depleted, just take some time posting reviews or nifty web nuggets for us to read. You'll get it back, but not if you burn it out. Its part of why I alternate that way on mine. Plus, I have some different projects brewing for when one goes cold.

    Good luck !

  2. Thanks. Sorry if I came off whiny there. I think I'm ready for a vacation.

    But I do like the discipline of posting every day. I don't think I've been this disciplined with anything before, really, hate to break the roll.

  3. Do those that think they're a torch cast fairy fire on themselves?

  4. I think they would already assume they were aflame, but who can tell with such otherworldly creatures ;)

  5. Indeed. Of course, perhaps the fact that they believe themselves to be aflame makes it occur naturally...