Monday, May 10, 2010

Rumor Mad Libs

Remember these? Well, how about some for random adventure rumors? These are a little tongue in cheek (I mean, #6 just has to show up whether True or False), but you might actually be able to generate something fresh using this idea, if not these particular forms:

Where [X] is the name of your megadungeon, lair, or secret isle.
  1. [X] has [Architectural Detail].
  2. [X] has a chamber with [Strange Fantastic Feature].
  3. [Threatening Tribal Creature] inhabit the [X].
  4. [Common Magical Item] was said to have been lost in [X].
  5. [Exaggerated Amount] of [Treasure Item] can be found [Preposition of Place] [X].
  6. No one has ever come back alive from [X].
  7. [X] was [Synonym for Made] in the time before [Ancient Occurrence].
  8. [Historical Event] caused the [Noun] of [X].
  9. [Broken Law of Physics] is said to occur in [X].
  10. [Ancient Power] used [Unsavory Creature] to [Verb] [X].
Feel free to add more or fill out some in the comments.


  1. Hmmm, there just might be some potential there...

    I keep seeing programming code and random dungeon-y words. Random Rumor Generator!

  2. The classic:

    [gibberish] is [malevolent humanoid] for [commonly used phrase that will lead to a deadly misunderstanding]

  3. Achh, rainswept! Yes, how could I miss that one. Thanks for the reminder.

    That, by the way, is a classic example of how rumors tend to be bad news for players.

  4. @Bulette: I know there is at least one online somewhere, but I can't remember where. And I was actually trying to come up with a roll all the dice spur, but I'm not sure if I need to if they boil down to 10 or 11 types.

  5. Here's a couple:

    Vasor'Naktal was Undwelled in before the Kasvi-Talornir.

    The Halespi used Torkatan of the Rilani to Darktaint Lakrene Novashti.