Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Baddest Martial Arts Fight Scenes

Dear friends, may this comfort you as it has me:

The Baddest Martial Arts Fight Scenes ever!

And yes, I loved Fung Sheng Wu Chi before I heard of Wheggi ;)


  1. I fire this movie up at least twice a year. Not sure what that says about me and, frankly, I don't care. Easily cooler than "Kill Bill" (which was also good).

  2. @Cameron: A like minded soul! I love the ominous grinding music when homeboy comes onto scene. I also love the fact that the heroes are just barely able to defeat him with all their skill and wits. Hey! sort of old school in that sense.

    @anyone else: sorry if the last bit was cryptic, I'd had a long day and few beers. Wheggi is a frequent poster at Kights and Knaves Alehouse with the Master as his avatar.

    When I first saw his avatar I was surprised anyone else knew about the movie, but I think it's more popular than I'd thought. Anyway, I guess that's what the internet does, connect us to the long tail and such.

  3. If for no reason other than the epic eyebrows that is indeed one of the great fight scenes.