Friday, May 13, 2011

Silhouettes XV

Okay, that Blogger outage was disturbing, showed me how much time I spend reading your posts, commenting, and posting myself.  I need to fix my sea charts for tonight and try to prepare something for the city my players are heading to.  Here are more silhouettes in my attempt to povide one for every OD&D monster:

Oddly, like bears, there are no wolves, but maybe this could work as:
Dire Wolf

And here is an Irish Deer to poulate your hollow worlds:


  1. Nice. If I ever knew about the Irish Deer, I had forgotten. The Wikipedia page is pretty interesting, and shows that you're part of a long tradition of silhouette makers.

  2. Thanks, that's a nice sentiment. (And my room is rather cave-like ;)

  3. Do you mind if I use the Irish elk silhouette on personal address labels? Just for myself. If not, I understand, but thought it can't hurt to ask.