Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Serendipity V

For those of you less interested in the silhouettes you might be interested in the ton of cool art I run across looking for them.  Here are a few.  I've featured John D. Batten on my blog.  I probably should do something similar for M.J. Ford, because he created some great stuff.  Here are two by him, the Valley of Serpents:
And Hannibal's Elephants:
This one reminds me of Zak's work somehow (I think it's the creature's eyes and the princess's attitude):
This one is more playful and feels right in line with some OSR artists:
And this one has been mocking me for weeks:
Look at the insouciance of that pig, he has something on me, I'm sure of it.  Anyone want to stat him up and give him some dire-pig power? Bastard, you will not defeat me!


  1. Good stuff. The second to last one by Beatrice Elvery is awesome.

  2. I'm glad, Bard. I saved two really nice color pics I'll post later.