Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Silhouettes X

Two more classics for the original encounter tables:
And here are two on the house:
Flying Monkey
And more herd animals:
So, three of those I cobbled together myself from different source materials.  And working in the abstracted silhouette form illustrates well why most mythic creatures are made up of "parts" from other animals.  When I think of an animal it pops into my head in an abstracted form, so it's easy to tap into that and say: "The monster is a snake with a woman's head on the end." 

The flying monkey may look too similar to the roc when shrunk to map size, but I just had to make it.

Here have another fighter too:
Some of these came from a book with silhouettes in it, so it was easier for me to churn them out.


  1. Wait a minute...isn't the silhouette of a peryton supposed to look like a man? ;-)

  2. Nice work, and thanks - you know where I'll be using some of these.

  3. Your flying monkey silhouette gladdens my heart.

  4. Have these already been added to the download, or will they be added at some future update?

  5. @zeB: Thanks, looking forward to it.

    @Theodric: Should all be in the bundle. I incremented to 1.1. Let me know if I missed any.

    I was actually thinking of the human shadow thing. Wouldn't work in a small hex, but I might still try to do it for fun.

    @Paul: Awesome. Keep in mind talented artists made the pictures these are based on. I just had to wait a 100 years, find them, and arrange them.

  6. Howdy! I was bouncing around Google looking for images of flying monkeys and found your silhouette. I'm designing the gfx for a custom guitar pedal, the Smiletone (wait for it) Flying Monkey. Would you mind if we used the silhouette? This isn't a money thing for me (although my friend making them will be selling them in very small quantities) - it's just cool to see my designs on a real effects pedal. Please let me know if it would make you happy or annoy you to have your silhouette used on our pedal. Peace -Trey

  7. Awesome. All the silhouettes in the zip file are public domain.You can do whatever you want with them. Good Luck with the pedals!