Sunday, May 22, 2011

Serendipity VI

I actually got called in to work today, not fun.  Had a funny session Friday I'll write up soon.  In the mean time, have some interesting art I've trawled up from the public domain.
Have no idea what's going on there, but love the design.
The best representation of a sphinx I've ever seen.  Love it.
This one's got everything: 1001 nights style giant with delusions and a human slave.
And, umm, you tell me.


  1. You're right. That top one is really cool!

  2. Good stuff. I like the last one best, but the top is excellent too. I converted the sphinx one into a generic cave entrance if anyone can use it, it's here.

  3. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing and cleaning them up. Really nice.

  4. Floats like a duck. Must be a witch. A WITCH!

  5. Mr. T-cant, maybe you've done this elsewhere, but could you divulge your method for searching for public domain images? You always hit ones that I like a lot, but how do you (or do you?) narrow in on that sort-of art nouveau etching look? Do you just have to scrounge for what you like?

  6. The first picture reminds me of this picture over here, from an Aesop's Fables book I grew up with:

    Also, yeah, that sphinx is awesome. ^__^

    The vulture though… now that's creepy… hmm… sentient fowl could be a fun element to throw into a game, and they don't all have to be helpful, like in The Hobbit…

  7. I'm getting plague doctor from that last one, which also has a pleasing/alarming visual echo between the head of the vulture and the skull it's standing on, as if one might eventually grow into the other.

  8. Thanks all, happy to find stuff you like.

    @ZB: that's great, and you did it fast, thanks.

    @Spawn: Yeah, pretty much just boring looking in book after book, but I've learned a few tricks, so I'll make a post about it.

    @Staples: That picture does look similar.

  9. Those are all fantastic images! Good batch!

  10. "And, umm, you tell me."

    It's obviously a diplomat from Nekhbet.