Friday, April 1, 2011

Visual Experience Chart II

I went back and only listed experience point values on the scale that corresponded with actual class levels.  I also expanded the lowest section by 10-20% to spread the second level out a bit and changed the colors of the lines pointing to the silhouettes.  Nothing too exciting for this new post.
With my last post as a proof of concept you should be able to do it yourself with your ruleset of choice.  The key is to make the scale non-linear (and have some good archetypal silhouettes).  I started with a bit of logarithmic graph paper, but you might even distort it more to fit your needs.

At Paul's awesome suggestion, I tried fitting a thief on the chart using my Choose-Your-Own Rogue numbers (in the sidebar).  But their second and third levels are so close together there is no way I could fit a silhouette of the same scale in there.  Maybe a halfling, but the numbers wouldn't fit between the cleric and fighter's either.  It's a shame, because it would have had a playful quality to it the way I remember the 1e MM did for some of the page headings (pixie?).  Oh, well, no one in my campaign has a rogue yet anyway.  As a bonus, here's a thiefly silhouette:


  1. Leprechaun, I believe.

    Capcha: Pammers. We only spam half of your posts!

  2. You probably know I really like putting rules in this format!

  3. @ Roger: Yes, we are striving for the same goal. (I think your Elvis doors and clear stairs are a good addition to my EZ-Map dungeon project)

    p.s. My brother thought my climbing silhouette up ther was a pole dancer, asked me if it was a "hot elf chick" haha.

  4. The climbing thief is genius - I imagine a sequence where levels 1, 2 & 3 are the thief trying and failing to grapnel the chart, then climbing with increasing flair.

    Monks could be shown considering stepping off successively higher ledges.