Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spell Reseach Costs - Fillable PDF

I didn't know that OpenOffice could create fillable pdfs!  Well, now I do. I swear this hobby is turning me into a more efficient office drone.  Anyway, if you want to give something simple to your players so they know what choices they have in dealing with spell transcription and creation you could give them something like this:
This does assume a quill of some sort and ink, but heck you could say that is just normal equipment if you don't want to get fancy.  Then fill in whatever values you want for money and time.  The last entry, new spells, has an extra box in case you want to require the use of a library or guild resources.  The last box should be a percentage chance of succeeding at creating the new spell.

You could do this for potions too, I suppose.

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