Monday, April 25, 2011

Phone a Friend NPCs

So the point is to have fun with a group of friends, right?  But one player couldn't make it because she has to cover somebody at work or he has to stay home with a sick kid.  What if you could call them up for a few minutes and include them just for fun?

How?  Well, that part I'm not too sure.  I'm imagining some party game type questions.  Maybe have a bunch of generic questions on cards and players have to pick ones that they think will elicit the answers they want from this particular npc (Yes/No/#s) when asked of the phone-a-friend.

"Have you ever driven down a street the wrong way . . . while sober?  How many cats have you owned in your life?"

I don't know, maybe something else.  Whaddya think?


  1. Hmm, how about if, say, the party is asking for something from an NPC and everyone at the table figures out a real-life analog to the question and the party Face calls the absent player and asks the analog question and the absent player's response, once all the negotiating is done, is the answer? Of course, unless the absent player and the Face have to abide what they agree to, this would fall apart pretty quickly since the absent players in the future would just know that they should say yes to everything for the party's sake.

  2. Yeah, that's why I was thinking pre-made cards, so they don't just say "Sure, yeah, give them full value for these bloody suits of platemail." :)