Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The Stitcher has the torso of a plump, middle-aged woman and the lower half of a giant pillbug.  It wields foot-long, steel needles and produces its own wire-like thread.  A successfull attack on a foe does little damage but will stitch that foe's:
  1. Shield Arm --> Torso
  2. Weapon Arm --> Torso
  3. Leg --> Leg
  4. Shield Arm --> Ally's Weapon Arm
  5. Weapon Arm --> Ally's Shield Arm
  6. Leg --> Ally's Leg
The Stitcher will try to immobilize all foes before slowly devouring them live. When hit in combat it will plead and wheedle to try and get out of the pain, while continuing to attack.  If hurt enough it will recede into its armored shell.


  1. Reminds me of a time I had a insect-like demon tailer with automatic needles for fingers and mouthparts. It created frankenstein monstrosities of dead humans and giant insect parts.

    I'm also a big fan of monsters who piteously whine whinge or wail in combat. Better yet is tearful apologies.

  2. Nice, very inspiring monster!

    7. PC A --> PC B
    8. PC A --> The Stitcher
    9. Stitch up one of the character's wounds (like in old cartoons)
    10. The mouth/eyes of the character

  3. Ahhh! That's seriously creepy and awesome.

  4. Awesome. That is very disturbing.
    The whining and complaining bit is something I was going to have scorpion-men (and other chimerical products of a "Universal Combiner" machine) do.

  5. @Fitz, Zak, Risus: Thanks.

    @Buckaroopopcorn: Sorry to hear that :)

    @Welcome to Dungeon: "better yet is tearful apologies" OMG, I strongly endorse this idea. Hadn't thought of it. Thanks!

    @Jensan:Your 7 should be covered by my 4-6. But the rest has got me thinking. Sewn shut orifices is creepy as hell to me and is what got me thinking of this monster in the first place. I didn't include mouth and eyes because I was trying to envision needles big/strong enough to go through clothing, boots, and even leather armor. But maybe you might have Stitchlets, small versions of these crawling over the party as a swarm sewing shut mouths and eyes and such. Sewing wounds shut is genius and may be a reason to summon one of these to save a comrade.

    @Mike: Cool, it was just something I added at the last minute for this, seemed right. But there seems to be something to exploit here, the weird stuff creatures can say during combat to mess with players minds.

    That might be a post itself.

  6. I played in one session of a second-generation Vampire product where a bad guy sealed my character's mouth with some uncanny power - just smeared it over with their hand like a wet oil painting, so the skin and bone grew across the opening. That image stayed with me. I never got to play another session, so I didn't find out if my vampire could get uncursed or would be left shooting up for the rest of his undeath or what.

    I like the idea of monsters or (semi-voluntary?) processes that permanently warp the characters. Sewing here is something you can clearly undo. Not being sure you can undo the change - and remaining with a playable character - is powerful stuff.

  7. Cool! A monster for creating The Human Centipede (especially with Jensan's additions). Can't believe I overlooked this before, thanks for that.

  8. Thanks, I hadn't thought of a partial party that manages, somehow to survive, but is crawling around in the dungeon for players to encounter. Creepy Gross! :)

  9. My brother wants to play Pathfinder and we are switching off DMing between us and the other players. I'm going to use this in the first dungeon I'll be making.

  10. Have them encounter it in a room of columns, or a room full of hanging web/chains/threads, 'cause, as you know, it needs to get in close to be anything other than a boring lump of hit points.