Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Sunken City

Actually, that was the title of a cool anthology of fairy tales I had as a kid.  But this is a nice pic of an adventuring party rafting through a sunken Aztec city:
We discovered how considerable was the city that here lay submerged
This is from The Aztec Treasure House (1890).  The art in this edition is by Ben Kutcher.  I dig his use of silhouette:
There are some other nice pictures in the book, especially if you are interested in the pulp/adventure genre with turn of the century soldiers fighting Aztecs.


  1. These are both great! I especially like the second one, which I quickly gimped up and de-schnozzola'ed in the right a bit.

  2. Thanks. Yeah, I normally shift them all to black and white, probably should for that first one too, but there is something attractive and warm to me about that old, yellow, paper look.

  3. Beautiful.
    Man, don't get me started on sunken cities. I once proposed a computer game design where the world was slowly flooding and you had to replay earlier levels that you had run around as a diver.