Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bone Stylus

Write the name of your antagonist in your flesh and he will leave you be.  Works similar to sanctuary against the named individual.  Causes one hit point of damage for every letter inscribed in the bearer's flesh.  Lasts until the damage is healed.


  1. Nice! Very Old European Folk Magic-ish!

  2. And pray that your antagonist isn't a Maori warrior who takes his name from the hill near his house.

    Note to self: Only insult people named "Bob", "Tim", or "Sue".

  3. Would make a good prop sticking out of an arch-wizard's back who you've just tracked down to make some magic item for you. What does it mean? Who could be responsible?

  4. @James: thanks!

    @Jennie: Yes, chose you enemies well :)

    @Matt: Great idea, a whole mystery unravels: wizard dead, bad dude accused because his name is inscribed partially on wizard's back, actually the wizard's apprentice who inscribed at his request, because the wizard was frightened of bad dude, but the old wizard died during inscription.