Monday, September 13, 2010

Dungeon Room - The Ossuary

I had to curtail my ambitions for yesterday's pdf.  I'd originally planned a little map of a dungeon room that would nicely showcase several of the house rules at once.  But I'll share it now:

The Ossuary

A veteran legion lost in a dungeon found a defensive position and were able to survive, just barely.  But reinforcements never came and they defend that position until this day.

The Lost Legion is comprised of 12 skeletal warriors with shield and gladius.  They fight in a shield wall, but each soldier will sacrifice their shield if hit.  This breaks the shield wall temporarily.  The shield-less warrior will fall back between the lines and pick up another shield.  Another warrior will move forward to fill the gap in the line. 

The Lost Legion will attack any creature entering the Ossuary, but each attack will be an attempt to push the opponent back.  Their tactic is to pivot around the central column and push their adversary into the open pit.

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