Monday, September 27, 2010

Communal Creativity

I think the Telecanter law of blogging is that if I say I'll produce something at a specific date it will take me much longer than if I never mention what I'm working on.  Not sure why, maybe mentioning it at all somehow satisfies the need for audience.  Anyway, here are a few tidbits overdue, and both were produced with your creative help.  So, thanks.

First the Desiccated Font from July:

Pdf here.

And second, What's in the Brass Urns?:

Pdf here.


  1. More evidence to support the theory that random anything is awesome material.

    So many plot hooks in those urns. I might base a campaign on some ancient, urn-depositing culture and the exploration of their urn-filled ruins all over the land. Obviously I will make up my own urns, since I cannot sleep if I copy things.

    High fives to you and yours!

  2. Great Work!
    I just posted stats for the brass facehuggers on my blog, but I don't know, if that's relevant for anybody reading this, cause it's for Pathfinder... and in German...

  3. Thanks, to both of you.

    @TrentB: I like the idea of an urn using lost civilization. Be good if it was associated with a certain architecture so players could say: "Aha, there'll be urns here!"

    @rm: may your German Pathfinding Brass Facehuggers flourish :)

  4. Yeah good idea... I think the trick will be to scatter them far enough apart that it won't become too blase. I think I'll try to paint them as mysterious but inconsequential and then later in the setting bring their full horror to the fore.

    God dammit now I have to start writing....

  5. Really cool urns. Thanks for sharing!