Monday, June 28, 2010


Family duty beckons, so I might have to disappear for a few days. Anyway a few ideas of what I've been pondering:
  • Dungeon maps in regards to describing them to players. ze Bulette and I had a conversation about this and he mentioned he might blog about it, so I don't want to steal his thunder, but I've been thinking about it to improve my own DMing. Do it Bulette! haha, pressure.
  • Back into the fray; I made another character for 4e and played on Friday. I made a vanilla human fighter. I have sooo many more options for what my character can do in combat it should be a crime to let inexperienced players play wizards. I thought they were aiming for balance!? Anyway, being able to push, pull and maneuver in a tactical mini game is useful, also multiple daily powers that grant a bonus to hit for the duration of the battle! Would rather play something else, but this is what my friends are playing.
  • Also haven't given up on movement rates/encumbrance, I feel like a simple, but real-like solution is just at the tip of my brain.
  • Have an idea for Town Trade Templates as a way to build a campaign world but it would take some mental time and research to flesh it out.
  • Started working on The Infinite Village, where I was overlaying real UK village maps on top of one another to make a stencil that you'd roll a die and trace roads/buildings. The work was tedious though, so I left it to trawl for pictures.
  • Character /Record sheets-- if the digest sized rules is one task of the DIY jedi, the character sheet is the other. I want to use iconic illustrations of gear to simplify reading/recording, especially for newbies, but that requires finding appropriate images. I've found some.
Okay, peace. Don't get too hot in this weather. I'll try to have something interesting to share when I come back.


  1. I'm running into the same thing with 4e. Play it or don;t play anything. My evil plan is to run 4e for a nice little campaign, then see if the new group of friends would like to try something new at some point in the future.

  2. PS: Good luck with the family stuff!

  3. I know I know... I've been turning that over for a little while, I'll try to get on it.

  4. Thanks Christian, luckily it's just a lot of manual labor :)

    ze: Your audience clamors for satisfaction!