Friday, June 25, 2010

Movement Rates II

Okay, here's a chart with my movement rate calculations. Keep in mind these are rough, ballpark figures. I rounded in spots, especially the last column which is probably what I'll be working with. The last three columns are assuming a table top scale of 1 inch equal to 10 real world feet.

I threw the animals in at the bottom for comparison.

If you put a gun to my head and asked me how I'd use this as a DM right now, I'd probably say, people can move 3" in combat normally or 2' for a one round burst, but only once per encounter.

What about encumbrance? Yeah, I had an idea in the comments. I think I'll write about that tomorrow. One word clue is: Húsafell stone.


  1. Cool table. From limited real world experience and recreation fighting I've been in if people move much in combat it's often at a jog or run.
    I still like to keep people under 40 feet a round in dungeon play if I can manage it.

  2. Thanks, JD, yeah I'm just sort of floundering around here. I'd like to really simplify, but don't know where to focus the microscope, so to speak.

    So maybe, taking your advice, I could just say 6" moves allowed 12" sprints. That would be pretty easy to remember?