Thursday, August 13, 2009

Clockwork Animals II

My last post about a steampunk butterfly, led me to search again for clockwork creations that might fit in a fantasy campaign as monster/artifacts. So, here are a few more arcane creations I found:

A Clockwork Rhino by Pierre Scalaire:

A Clockwork Arachnid by Christopher Conte:

And another by Cazouillette:

A Giraffe by Andrew Chase that I missed in the last post:

It's not even that I'm obsessed with this stuff, but it seems a subject that captures the imaginations of artists and you can actually find examples and illustrations online.


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  2. Are you aware of Theo Jansen? He creates wind-powered "animals" made of plastic tubes. It's hard to describe, but incredible to behold...

  3. Thanks, I had seen those a while back and they are pretty trippy. If I were doing a swords and sorcery movie the sorcerer's tower would have creations like that moving about its base.