Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hexagonal Geomorph II

Here is another of the catacomb geomorphs.  I thickened the walls a bit.  I was initially thinking of keeping things as simple as possible and saving ink for those of you printing at home, but I added a gradient to try and give the solid stone some heft.   I don't know how this gradient will screenprint, I do have pretty fine screen.  I'll have to see. 

I don't know, looking at it as I post the pic, the gradient looks awful "computery," too clean and regular.  I wish I could get some kind of spatter going.  Why does it seem like this would be so much easier by hand?


  1. Yeah, I've had struggles myself with trying to get speckled/dotted shading in Inkscape instead of gradients. I haven't come up with a set procedure yet, but I usually export the bitmap from Inkscape, import that into the GIMP, and then apply effects like posterize or various forms of noise followed by threshold.

  2. Thanks Talysman, I get frustrated learning new tools and it's nice to know others are out there using the tools too.