Friday, July 29, 2011

Adventurer Conqueror King

ACKS seems to be doing well on Kickstarter. They've reached two goals and are going for a third. If you're interested in the idea of integrating the endgame more into play or how the economics necessary for that endgame touch the early and mid game, $5 will let you enter in the discussions on their forums.

They seem really open to suggestions, so if you're a fan of my attempts at streamlining information transmisson, go give them a hand, make the product more like the one you'd find useful and get your name in the credits.


  1. thanks for linking this. I've been hearing puff and anti-puff stuff about ACKS - this is a bit of information I can (and might) actually use.

    Tho' sadly it looks like I'm late to the economics party (again). I hope I can still contribute in September.

  2. richard, as a puffer-fish I am kind of afraid that your fierce erudition will deflate my impressive spikiness and leave me looking comical and a little bug-eyed. Which is why it'd be great to have your input to fix stuff that doesn't live up to the hype! The Kickstarter ends August 6th, but because illustration takes a while it's likely we will still be doing design tweaks in September, and while we're getting lots of good critiques and suggestions from crowdfunded/patronage-model avenues of sharing we are also still greedily snarfing up ideas from the general conversation of the OSR. Also check out Hill Cantons: Borderlands and Adventurers Great and Glorious for other invaluable voices in this conversation!
    - Tavis

  3. Then count me in... in a month. And thanks, Telecanter, for hosting this other conversation ;)

  4. My pleasure, it's been a little too quiet round here anyway.