Thursday, July 21, 2011

Silhouettes XX

Giant Squid
For the 20th post I'm happy to say I remembered that Pearson Scott Foresman donated a bunch of dictionary pics to Wikimedia and the public domain.  There's some cool stuff there.  There are a lot of nice pictures of deer and antelope varieties that you could put right on a map and not need silhouettes.  Anyway, These four OD&D monsters come from those pics:
That's 7 monsters in one post, a record.  The weasel was actually a mink, but I figure it looks similar enough.  And for those grasslands south of the equator:
And extra-special bonus evergreen tree (I didn't do more than blacken its trunk).  As always, I've added these to the zip file of all silhouettes linked in my sidebar.

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