Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mire-O-Meter II

Still fiddling around with a dungeon to sink under transparent overlays, but here is how I would keep track of the levels.  Basically just a less granular rendering of the mire-o-meter I blogged about before.
I think this is probably the easiest way to indicate liquid depth for a DM to read quickly during play.  This silhouette is meant to represent a 6 foot tall man, so this gives you 2 foot dungeon flooding increments.

I would describe these to players as 1) thigh-high 2) chest-high 3) over your head 4) you can't feel the bottom.

You could use smaller increments, but the larger ones were meant to limit the number of overlays I would need and because you probably won't see much change in dungeon features with just a foot of liquid added.

ps trivia: the silhouette is based off a pic of Eugen Sandow

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