Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Live Bear Trap

This has nothing to do with gaming, well, unless you have a pretty gonzo game I guess, but I'd never seen one of these and thought you might find it interesting:
I guess a bear has been a nuisance 'round here, trying to get into the trash cans.  I found bear scat right across from where I'm staying but that was a couple weeks ago.  They have a bait bag in the front of this that is hooked to a trigger that will close the back door.  Though, every time I've seen it the back door has a padlock on it.  Maybe they set it at night.


  1. Wait until you hear what sounds an angry bear makes when trapped in one of those things!

  2. Yeah, assuming it will get trapped at night where it is deathly quiet up here, that will be terrifying.