Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Maw

Done some work on my brand new, baby megadungeon. It's based on this:

Difficult to map, and represent to players. I've been working with oatmeal canisters and dental floss (to figure stairs). If things go well I'll try to post more detail later.

Looks like I have a party of 3 tomorrow and a party of 3 Friday, with only one player overlapping. That's the best we could do with everyone's schedules. Thank god for hirelings, or they'd have to stay in the local tavern and play cards.


  1. I remember seeing that doc and thinking, "Man, I should post that opening jump bit up on the blog." :) Those crazy magic users and their flying spells.

  2. Yeah, I actually showed this clip to the players to give them a sense of the scale.

    Picture worth a thousand words and all, but that tiny human figure disappearing into the darkness conveys something about size that I don't think I could do verbally.

  3. I watched the full documentary, and it had cool ideas for D&D-type monsters--like a translucent slug that drops long strands of diamond-like spit to snare insects. Then it reels them in and FEASTS.
    Your idea of the Maw itself is a cool idea, one which I've never come across before in a dungeon.

  4. Hey, thanks. One thing I've learned about the big-pit-as-a-megadungeon is that it is susceptible to players rushing forward into areas you haven't fleshed out yet. So if you have spiral stairs, probably a good idea for them to stop at some point. That way a party will have to figure out another way down, or get high enough level to get around the obstacle magically.