Thursday, March 4, 2010

The 6 mile Hex

I've posted here before about my trouble with map scaling. I've been floundering around lately with a party of adventurers just on the cusp of heading into the greater world. I have no sense of how to efficiently set up a traditional hexcrawl. My ventures in the past tended to be very fiddly and work intensive.

Anyway, I missed this great post back in December: In Praise of the 6 mile hex. I was trying to figure a way to use leagues because of the ease they would add to things (1 league = one hour of travel) and this allows for league measurement: center of hex to any face = 3 miles = 1 league. So, it looks like I have my hex standard determined for me thanks to the Hydra's Grotto!


  1. Sounds good to me, and I like the illustration. :)

  2. I can't take credit for that, it's from The Hydra's Grotto post. But it was so helpful I wanted to share, also keep it here for me-- I find in a few months I'll sometimes forget where I read about great ideas.

  3. Now I have to decide between a Judge's Guild-style 5-mile Hex or a 6-mile Hex, how vexing. Sorry, puns show up like farts; usually in the most embarassing places.

    I will have to check out The Hydra's Grotto--thanks for the tip! I'm working on a set of maps for the Great Rift, and I'd like to nail-down the scale so things line up reasonably sensibly.

  4. @NetherWerks Now I have to decide between a Judge's Guild-style 5-mile Hex or a 6-mile Hex,

    I didn't. 5mi/6mi is close enough in my book for overland travel. Two hours to cross. I've never had a player break out the surveying equipment and call me on it.