Friday, December 14, 2012

What Does it Do to You?


  1. Grants you a wish, then gives you the exact opposite of what you ask for. Gets indignant if you complain about it.

  2. it is a sarahbeest and it will eat you. Sarah Savage is a middle aged flautist who lives over on 9th Street, and for reasons unknown, a colony of man eating creatures each with her face have taken up residence in the forest out of town. They consume their vi time with tiny blunt pearlescent teeth, exclaiming their delight with the voice of Sarah.

  3. Philosophizes, interminably, to the point of nausea. Those with INT < 13 are immune.

  4. It coughs, stumbles, and begs piteously for aid. No matter what aid is provided, it seems always on the edge of collapse.

    It will ask for safe escort to some nearby location (e.g--"a very fine doctor, the only once who *cough* might save me"), promise a reward, and provide directions. Anyone who follows it will, after 2d6 turns, realize it has disappeared. Unless all those following save versus Spell, they have become lost 2d6 turns travel distance way from where they thought they were.

    If no one agrees to escort it, the creature will follow behind the party for 1-6 days, crying and begging.

  5. Hah, thanks, everyone. These are great and close to what I was thinking.

    @DMW: How about it grants your wish . . . for a week. Or, it grants you wish . . . to somebody else.

    @mattgusta: How about they proclaim their disappointment. Ha, like eeyore eating you.

    @John, me too, heh heh.

    I had a weird dream last night where someone commented to say you should look at so-and-so's blog and use their Scooby Doo stats for this thing. So maybe it whines and philosophizes with a lot of "r"s.

  6. Haltingly touches one foreleg to your forehead and removes your deepest regret. It's blood, properly treated by an alchemist who has mastered and completed the Great Work at least thrice, can be used to make a potion that can reverse time and allow the drinker to undo their greatest mistake in the last 24 hours.

  7. Why are you anonymous, you son of a gun, that's wonderful.

    I need to meet one of these things.