Tuesday, April 10, 2012

St Colvin's Key

Faith is the Key.  St Colvin was a humble miner trapped in a cave in.  He dug a hole in the ground in the shape of a cross.  This cross slowly filled with water as from a spring and on lying in it Colvin was transported to safety.

(Critics that question a simple miner having such an ornate spade, or remarking Colvin was digging his own grave are wrongminded and will burn forever when the trumpet calls us home.)


A hole of a specific shape dug with this spade will fill with water.  A second hole dug in the same shape will fill with water and form a gate to the first.  This will only work in substrates that the spade can dig: sand, snow, coins, dung, earth, gravel.  This will only work as long as the holes keep their shape-- a square in sand might not even be possible, a circle in turf might last for decades.

I'm hoping this could be a fun tool for players giving them mobility in exploring and a little safety in that they can flee to a home pool.  It might be too powerful for low level parties, but then maybe something is camping by your return pool, or maybe it's been filled in or frozen over.


  1. This is really cool. I had an idea for something similar that players could use to make secret passages out of a wall where there previously was none.

    Since this object seems to have divine lore is there any kind of bonus for clerics.

  2. Thanks. The secret passage thing sounds great. I'm a sucker for portable holes and chalk that lets you draw new doors.

    All my magic items have been fairy-talesque available to all classes. This may make the MUs and clerics weaker, but I'm not experienced enough to know. I think If I made class specif items they would be more about boosting class abilities like turn undead etc.