Sunday, April 8, 2012

Serendipty XVI

When I go looking for pictures to make silhouettes I often don't find what I wanted . . . but something better!  These are all public domain pics, use 'em or lose 'em.  This post is dedicated to all you folks for the conversation.  Thank you.

I'm constantly on the look out for illustrations of a certain, similar style that I can use for NPC portraits.  This guy just became a rich prince leading a faction in Nidus' Animal Arena:
For your next dungeon: "It's a 30'x30' room, empty. Oh, except for the small statue in the corner bleeding."
A nice, multi-cave dungeon entrance (I think it was labelled as Virgil's tomb):
Talysman just posted about a Church from OBI Scrap book blog. Here is one from a similar book:
I love it. I can imagine it in a city supplement. You can find the book here.


  1. love the statue and the bridge with washing. I always want to take those calm cityscape pictures and ask the players: "so where's the sniper?"

  2. Cool, or how about: "So, where do you want to snipe from?"