Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Elves' Gift

Elves grow their buildings from trees, over decades, shaping oaks and olive trees to their needs.  Rarely, in times of need, they will plant a special seed that grows to a structure in a night.  But they know that the Dwarves have no love of trees and, being great builders, have refined tastes, so when the Ambassador needed a gift he brought them bundles of special beech wands. Tied together in the frame desired and burned, these left solid granite structures in their wake.  The Dwarves are said to have dammed the great river Storbära in four days using them.


  1. That's lovely. Especially the sting.

    ...and now the players will be wanting to burn everything. What happens when you burn a Wand of Wonder?

  2. Thanks. I'd say roll all the remaining charges and have them happen at once, even affecting each other (like streams of enlarge butterflies and such) :).