Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tomb Entrances

These could be useful to show players.  What lies within?
From Sculptured Tombs of Hellas (1896). Public domain.


  1. You could definitely lose a lot of time trying to decipher the 4 and 5 spot dice code on the first one...

  2. Can you climb the carvings? Not sure how random your players are, but that's the kind of thing I'd try to do...

  3. Glad you all liked them, they are pretty cool. I'd never seen the like of those geometric patterns.

    @Roger: Just the dead dudes skills :)

    @C'nor: sure, why not. We're all goin' in though, so don't take too long ;)

  4. All right, I'll just check out that weird crevice with the boulders on top of the second one then. Be back in a few minutes.

  5. Oh, by the way, I posted something in the Poker Personalities post about how having a history with it could make someone more susceptible to something.