Thursday, December 30, 2010

Countdown Clock Record Sheets

I dug the idea of countdown clocks that Risus Monkey blogged about so much that I made some record sheets.  Apparently these come from Apocalypse World of which I now nothing. But as I understand it you use the clock to keep track of big happenings in your game world like war or plague.

Here's a sheet to track a single thing:
I was thinking this could be worldwide or regional and that you could just make tally marks to track sessions.  Obviously, the "ifs" are triggers, the "thens" results.  Triggers could be something as simple as a certain number of sessions played.  Triggers could also link to other clocks; maybe war at 6:00 starts the plague up.

Here's a sheet to keep track of all the clocks running in a game world or region in one easy to see place:


  1. Sweet! When trying to use Countdown Clocks, I struggled to find a good format for notation. This is very cool and I hope to try them out next chance I get (i.e. after the holiday disruption of our gaming activity).

  2. I'll print out your clock for use in a later session. Very well done!

  3. I really, really like the sheet to reference all the different clocks.
    And you could use it to track the relationship of the pcs to important npcs or groups on it. Just start at 6, if the pcs annoy, then decrease, if they please, increase... you could even start at 5 or 4 or even less for certain antagonistic groups/npcs and at 7 or 8 or even more for potentially benevolent ones... like the team cleric's temple or church - or even different clocks for different factions of a greater group. I think this would work quite well for higher levels and political intrigues...

  4. Thanks folks!

    And rorschachhamster: That's a great bunch of ideas, more a meter than a clock, but like reputation in the Fallout games, reaching certain amounts could trigger certain new situations and also affect reputation with other groups/factions negatively. Thanks.

  5. You could also use these as "Wound counters"; If a character takes a serious wound (one that could cause them to bleed out) you start a countdown clock set at 12. If it reaches 0 before they receive healing, they die, or something like that.