Thursday, December 30, 2010

Three Pics

Maybe you could use these three as npcs:

From Strange Peoples (1901). Public Domain.


  1. 1: Make it go away!

    On a more serious, less Firefly themed note: Why is it that the only NPCs you post images of are humans? Are there simply no public domain images of the other races, or an approximation of them?

  2. The first guy reminds me of this guy, who was one of the inspirations for my old T&T character Blacklung.

  3. Interesting. Thanks for the pics.

  4. @C'nor: As far as I know, no. To get to the public domain for published works you've got to walk back to the 1920s or older. The D&D conception of Dwarves and Elves really comes from Tolkien, so with the hobbit published in '36 you're not going to see any recognizable demi-humans in the public domain for at least a decade.

    I've looked hard.

    You could probably have some good illustrations of mermaids, satyrs, and small winged-fairies. Anthropomorphic animals or little cobbler-and-the-elves type elves but I actually like the more realistic, gritty type of illustrations I've been posting and have shied away from non-human races in my campaign world so far.

    @Cole: Cool, The book does give #1 as an example of the Ainu.

    @Trey: My pleasure.