Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Patrons of the Two Moon Tavern

Another part of the SAGE request I received was to flesh out some of the patrons of the Two Moon Tavern. I do that now:

Barmaid Alice Robinsdoughter
is in her twenties and has hair almost to the back of her knees. Patrons wonder at it and jest with her about the amorous complication such hair might cause. She takes it all good naturedly, but is constantly looking to Agnes for direction-- should he be offended, is it all in good fun?

Barmaid Agnes Bonamy is in her fifties and has a stunted left arm that she carries crooked close to her body. She constantly makes light of Alice with patrons, though behind her back.

Many of the regulars at the Two Moon are travelers or traders that stop on their normal routes (thus they don't notice the people constantly disappearing in the cellars), John Fairjohn and his son Roger are two of these. Both men share the unfortunate feature of greatly bucked teeth. John, in his sixties, is quite slow. He believes Agnes arm was caused by her mother's womb being kicked by a fairy. Roger is in his twenties and seems completely unaware that his teeth disgust Alice, as he pursues her favor with unswerving aplomb.

John Merriman is a devoted drinking partner of John Fairjohn's. Though this forty year old will rarely let a night pass without spilling ale over the man. He is missing his right ear and will tell the tale of how he lost it as a child in a smithy, trying to see what hot iron sounded like.

Robert Punchun's huge feet are constantly tripping up the barmaids. He believes John Fairjohn's tales, laughs at John Merriman's foolishness, and considers himself a man to be reckoned with. Though the thirty year old would enter a fray to prove it, the only thing worth reckoning about him, really, is the size of his shoes.

John Stoutlook has a scarred nose, that people say he got fending off robbers on the road one night. The twenty year old certainly seems fearless.

Robert Alansman, also in his twenties is gaunt and red nosed from ale. He is the one patron sure to be in the Moons and the one patron sure to be drunk, though he mostly keep to himself.

Thomas Marmaduke, in his forties, is a pale and slight man with a wisp of a goatee. He is the frequent target of conversation from Agnes but would really rather be left alone.

A foreign couple (demihumans? What land do they hale from? choose for your campaign) has been frequenting the tavern of late. The man in his fifties has a huge beard and show sign of being a doughty veteran. His female companion is slightly younger and has her hair beautifully ornamented with beads of rare wood and semiprecious stones. She seems watchful and actually suspects John Jentilman.

A second foreign pair is likely to be encountered in the tavern. A woman in her fifties with hennaed hands is cheerful and garrulous, happy to engage anyone in a seemingly unending conversation about her place of origin and her affairs. Her companion a beautiful woman in her twenties seems incredibly uncomfortable about the attention this draws and will try to politely curtail conversation. Her nose ring is a feature of interest for Alice, who would be interested in striking up a conversation, if Agnes thought it okay.


  1. Always like these. Have you put out a pdf yet of them?

  2. Hi Tim, thanks for the comment. I'll put it in a pdf in a few days, I'm up in the mountians right now.

    Are there other establishments you'd like to have patrons fleshed out for? Or another tavern?

    I used my hireling traits as a spur and the names are all genuine, from the Coulton book I'm reading.

  3. I have enjoyed the taverns in the past you have created. If I remember correctly you have made more than a handful.

  4. unfortunately, not me. This is my first foray into this.