Monday, March 24, 2014

Sandbox Wonders 9

76. Moth Fogs - Marshy lands where any movement causes millions of tiny, white moths to rise up and flutter about.  They are drawn to faces.
77. Rushlight Berries - Inedible berries that glow as bright as a candle when ripe.  Dim as they overipen.
78. Lichen Field - Above the treeline, a valley filled with yellow-orange lichen.  Eating a handfull allows a person to go a week without food.
79. Balancing Bole - The trunk of what was once a huge fir balances precariously on a point jutting out from a high cliff.  It is said that if you say a name as you push on the trunk it will rotate so the small end points toward where that thing is in the world.
80. Balancing Rocks - Above the treeline, a whole valley filled with piles of balanced stones.  Make your own pile and gain luck for as long as it stands.  The higher the pile, the more luck but the more likely it will tumble once you leave.