Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sandbox Wonders 7

More sandbox locations meant to evoke a sense of wonder in your players:

63. Sculpted Forest - Old oak forest carved in marble.  Each leaf and acorn detailed realistically.  It's said each acorn if planted and watered, will grow a 20 x 20 x 3 section of stone wall.
64. Rust Beach - Run of beach made of rust.  Rumored that a god corrodes under the water nearby.  Eat the rust to immunize your body to magic.
65. Glass Fumaroles - Natural glass extrudes in strange spindles from these steaming, sulfurous holes.  Glass so pure and fine that, if struck, the noise made is only heard by elves.
66. Leaves with No Trees - These grassy plains are covered in colorful leaves in the fall, though there are no trees for miles.
67. Hidden Valley - A small, fertile valley with a creek that no one knows about, but you.  Maps don't show it.  Travelers will route around it and not realize the extra time their journey took. 
68. Beast Amphitheaters - Natural, rocky concavities where, at midnight, all the animals from miles around gather in, to sit in silent circles until dawn.
69. Twin Valley - Every tree here is next to an identical tree, every flower, an identical flower.  Each squirrel you see, each deer is a pair.
70. Punctured Lands - These grassy, foggy flatlands are treacherous because the ground is full of holes.  Fist-sized to horse-sized, the holes plunge hundreds of feet into darkness.  Listening at the holes, will let you here the voices of the dead, different hole, different voice.
71. Bright Hills - Everything here seems normal, except there are no shadows.
72. Coral Road - A sinuous, bright-red road that might be aeons old, it curves to miss mountains no longer there, bridges over rivers now dry, before disappearing under the sea.


  1. I've been to Hidden Valley. There is a ranch there.

    Good work, as always.



  2. Just chiming in to say that I love this series. Keep it up!

  3. @Darnizhaan: I alllllllmost called it "Hidden Vale" just for that reason :) Actually, that one is kind of exciting to me. I think I will plop it in the middle of my campaign map, let my quietest player be the only person to notice it, and see what she does with it.

    @faoladh: Thanks. I'm having to give my creative muscle a break in between these, so I can look at it from fresh angles, but I'm not giving up until there are >100.

  4. Were there >200 of these, I still would not get tired of them. This is one of my favorite things to come from your blog (which says a lot, with you being my favorite OSR blog).

  5. Thanks anon, that means a lot to me. I'm excited to get to 100 and present them all in a table. I thought about using little icons to indicate which things relate to plants, earth, water, etc. in case a DM wanted to choose a particular type quickly.