Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Serendipity XXIV - Blueprints & Letterhead

Usually I have many pictures for a serendipity post but this find was so cool I thought it was enough on its own.  It's a book from 1903 called Artistic Homes.  It has images of homes with their blueprints right under them.  It seems like it was made for player's handouts for your mystery, Cthulhu, or time travel games:
This is one of the few that could be a shop too.  There is also a city apartment I saw in there.  So, you need house blueprints from ~1900 you got 'em.  Wait . . . there's more.

The book has a testimonial section in the back with a bunch of letter facsimiles you might be able to use as well.  Granted, they are all saying pretty much the same thing "blah blah blah the house you built us is wonderful" which is hardly a clue to a nefarious plot, but for some of them they have interesting letterhead and signatures you could use if you replace the text with something of your own.  Like this one:
And, heck, since I like you so much, have these groups of photos from a different publication, absolutely free:
Obviously conspirators of some sort, or perhaps a time travel hit list.

These images are all in the public domain and you can use them however you wish.  I hope you find them useful.


  1. That is absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing this and for the link.

  2. Another great book for floorplans found on the Internet Archive is this one:

    Second Homes for Leisure Living

  3. @the Malcontent: My pleasure.

    @mwschmeer: Thanks for the link. I like the color from the pictures of that era. Just so folks are clear, those are still under copyright though, and you couldn't use them in anything officially.

  4. Re: Second Homes For Leisure Living --

    The contents of this book may very well be public domain. I don't see a copyright notice, which was required for copyright protection prior to March 1, 1989. (However, I can't be sure that the scanner of the document left it intact and complete.)