Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Golden Cultist

No go on that last one?  How about this one:

Name: Anexemander, The Golden Cultist, god of lost causes
Symbol: sword broken off at the hilt
Alignment: Lawful (Evil)
Movement: 90' (30')
AC: 4
HP (HD): 50 (10 HD)
Attacks: 1
Damage: Save versus death on hit
Save:  MU15
Morale: 2
Hoard Class: IX
XP: 5,000

Anexemander if seen in his true form is an aged man with a blindfold that has slipped from across his eyes to cover his mouth.  He was was blind to the truth of the futility of things but can now see.  In seeing he is mute to warn others.  He normally appears in different human forms, male and female.  He works his way into small cults and secret societies. He is the perfect, the Golden Cultist, faithful, unquestioning, generous and trustworthy-- to a point.  Cults he has secreted himself in will gain a ten-fold increase in followers in a matter of weeks.  After a month Anexemander will publicly assassinate the head of the cult, whether mortal or god.  His sword is nothing but the jagged remnants of a blade jutting from a hilt but will cause death in one week to any it hits.

Any in a particularly hopeless situation that call on him may gain aid in the form of a bonus to save or no opportunities.  But his favorite aid is to send tens of followers streaming to the lost cause of those calling for aid.


Why do these gods all have hoard classes?  Some could have lairs, but for those moving around, do they have a bunch of golden swag around their necks?  Are they magic items they should be using when in battle?  I don't know, but all the petty gods have them so I gave this guy one.  His treasure might be more fitting if it was in the form of some kind of 99%-chance-of-being-worthless promisary notes or IOUs.

Again why the Lawful (Evil) alignment, what the heck Telecanter don't you understand the whole war against chaos trope?  I know, I know, see what it means here is that this god is very predictable, he will do the same things like clockwork but those things involve abusing trust and destruction.  He is the worst kind of evil- that which unknowingly works against his own ends.  I don't have alignment in my own game because it is such a simplification that doesn't really add any value to the game for me.  But if it's a problem just consider this dude (and the last) on the side of CHAOS.


  1. Woah woah, who said no go on the last one? I was literally just thinking about how awesome it was. I intend to drop it in to my campaign as a rumor and see if anything interesting happens.

  2. Sweet! Thanks for letting me know. And Crom help your players :)