Wednesday, April 24, 2013


These men and women are always found in bustling, lively, people-filled places.  Taverns and brothels, smithies and guardrooms--They smile, remain quiet, and seem to thrive amidst the noise.  Perhaps their mystic energy is so strong, to meditate on it in silence would cause them to ascend.  Perhaps they are demons and undistracted contemplation would cause them take their true form.  Whatever the cause, they are loathe to be alone.  But their time among people gives them great insight.  Anthony the Lesser was said to know every secret desire from watching a person's gait.  Teresa Albina was said to know the number of days till a person's next sickness, next love, and eventual death on first sight. 


  1. They believe no human is worthy to think of God so they are constantly distracting themselves.

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