Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Her Name Forgotten

Name: Her Name Forgotten / His Name Forgotten
Symbol: Smoke of Gold
Alignment: Lawful (Evil)
Movement: ~
AC: ~
HP (HD): ~
Attacks: ~
Damage: ~
Save:  MU17
Morale: ~
Hoard Class: -
XP: ~

This may be a Hoax.  A god of forgotten gods.  They say if you kill a god and place its remnants in the perfect spot, golden smoke will consume them and bestow a wish as a reward.  They say each godling slain grants another wish.  They say that a voice, first just a whisper, will drift from the smoke and grow louder with each sacrifice, until it begins making it's will known.

What might happen is that this entity, so weak it has almost become only memory, will take on the best stats of each godlet fed to it.  What might happen is that the god of forgotten gods has golden cultists embedded in many other cults ready to observe the actions of the pcs.  What might happen is that this turns out to really be a manifestation of some other petty god such as: Machuk the Smith, Rosartia, Undek, or Vydia.

How's that for a cop-out petty god?  I don't know, there's something in me that hates nailing something down to specifics.  I want some uncertainty.  Some room for each DM to make it their own.  So, you could make it a real thing that becomes more and more powerful the more the pcs feed it or something else; a rumor meant to hide something, a test by a different petty god, a feud between two of them.

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